The Lower Swatara Township Police Department would like you to be aware of the most recent SCAMS involving actors using COVID-19 to SCAM citizens. Please view the attached photos for further details.

*Courtesy of the USSS Philadelphia Electronic Crimes Task Force

Warminster Police would like to thank Jim McCaffrey and the folks at McCaffrey's Food Market for their generous donation of hand sanitizer to our department. Jim, himself a former first responder, helping his brothers and sister in Law Enforcement. Another great example of a local business helping first responders, respond healthier. Be Safe and maintain your distance! 

Effective today, you may see your NLCRPD officers wearing either surgical masks or nonmedical face coverings while in public. Certain exemptions may apply to this requirement based upon current recommendations in adhering to guidelines provided by the medical advisory groups and public health experts.

Line Lexington Rd at Bent Rd has been reopened.

Line Lexington Rd at Bent Rd is temporarily closed due to down wires. Please avoid the area while waiting for repair crews to respond.


Per West View Water the streets listed below will have a disruption in water service for 4 to 5 hours tomorrow (Friday) and Monday.  

Friday 4/3:     North Euclid from Teece to Clarion

Monday 4:     North Harrison from Teece to Maple

Confirmed cases – 419
Hospitalization (past or present) – 70
Deaths – 2

This number reflects 63 additional confirmed cases. The ages and genders of those in the county who are sick with COVID-19 are listed below. A map which shows where residents with confirmed COVID-10 live is available at The department is working on making other information available publicly.

Ages—Number confirmed (percentage—all percents rounded)

00-04 – 2 (less than 1%)
05-12 – 2 (less than 1%)
13-18 – 6 (1%)
19-24 – 38 (9%)
25-49 – 182 (43%)

The upcoming National Prescription Drug Take Back Day scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2020, is postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  DEA will reschedule Take Back Day for a date shortly after the health crisis recedes and national emergency guidelines are lifted.

Due to the concerns with COVID-19 the police department administration offices are closed.  The building is closed to citizens until further notice.

The police officers are on duty 24/7 and are responding to calls for service.

If you need to speak with an officer, need a copy of a report, etc, please call the non-emergency number 215-328-8508.  The dispatcher will take your information, relay it to an officer on duty, and the officer will call you back.

As always, if you have a true emergency, dial 9-1-1.