For the Public


Balancing your right to know with your right to be forgotten 


What is the CRIMEWATCH Network and how does it affect me?

CRIMEWATCH brings transparency to law enforcement interdiction and incident data, establishing channels for accountability, while making sure that your data doesn’t exist on the internet forever. CRIMEWATCH ControlShare technology allows police to share public safety information, including mugshots, while maintaining a limited level of custody that helps remove information from the internet, search engines and social media even after it has been shared.

Our technology gives you instant access to information that impacts the safety of you and your family.

Not only does CRIMEWATCH allow for a safe and secure environment for law enforcement to connect to their community members like you, but also gives you the ability to view policies, services, resources, submit tips, online reports, vacation home checks, and much more!

So how does it work?

It's simple. Once your local police department joins the CRIMEWATCH Network, you can sign up to receive free email notifications and alerts about crime and news where you live. To sign up and follow your local law enforcement agency, simply visit the Directory, find your agency, and enter your email address in the popup or you can select 'Follow' in the upper right-hand corner. 

Why is this important?

CRIMEWATCH works to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the public by allowing law enforcement to release pertinent information to the public in a safe and secure manor. This is important to keep your community and loved ones safe by creating an awareness around what is happening within your neighborhood.