Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept Purge Amount
Lynch, Steven Allen - Simple Assault and 2 additional charges Lynch, Steven Allen Criminal August 13, 2017
Wagner, Shawn Michael - Escape Wagner, Shawn Michael Criminal MJ-12104-CR-0000437-2017 August 11, 2017 Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division
Baker, Brandy Lynn - Escape Baker, Brandy Lynn Criminal MJ-12104-CR-0000436-2017 August 11, 2017
Hanson, Kelly Marie - Theft By Deception Hanson, Kelly Marie Criminal MJ-07302-CR-0000375-2017 August 10, 2017 Warrington Township Police Dept $900
Yeiser, Omar Kaudqfay - Person Not to Possess Handgun and 3 additional charges Yeiser, Omar Kaudqfay Criminal August 10, 2017
POWELL, William Thomas - Possession of a Controlled Substance and 1 additional charge POWELL, William Thomas Criminal MJ-09102-0000232-2017 August 10, 2017 West Shore Regional Police Department
Tingley, Adam Rollan - (1) (F1) Count Burglary and 1 additional charge Tingley, Adam Rollan Criminal MJ-12201-CR-0000818-2017 August 9, 2017
Malik, Shaheen - Manufacture Delivery of a Controlled Substance and 3 additional charges Malik, Shaheen Criminal MJ-07101-CR-0000564-2017 August 8, 2017 Bensalem Township Police Department
Kovach, James B. - (1) Count Criminal Trespass (F3) and 3 additional charges Kovach, James B. Criminal MJ-02303-CR-0000222-2017 August 8, 2017 New Holland PD
Walker, Daryl Lamont - simple assault by physical menace Walker, Daryl Lamont Criminal August 5, 2017
Jackson, Auckland - Aggravated Assault and 2 additional charges Jackson, Auckland Criminal MJ-12104-CR-0000410-2017 August 4, 2017 State Capitol Police Department
Hoff, Joseph Frank - 780-113 A16 and 3 additional charges Hoff, Joseph Frank Criminal MJ-07302-CR-0000357-2017 August 3, 2017 Warrington Township Police
Kiser, Ricky Lynn - Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officer; Recklessly Endangering another person; and multiple... Kiser, Ricky Lynn Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000425-2017 August 3, 2017 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
MOOSE, DEVIN RENEA - (1) count of Simple Assault MOOSE, DEVIN RENEA Criminal CR-1150-15 August 2, 2017
Latronica, Anthony - Retail Theft Latronica, Anthony Criminal August 2, 2017 Bensalem Township Police Department
White, John - Theft White, John Criminal 20131203M8051 August 1, 2017
BURLISON, Eric Todd - Theft of Services BURLISON, Eric Todd Criminal MJ-09102-CR-0000266-2017 August 1, 2017 West Shore Regional Police Department
BROWN, PATRICK Terrell - (1) Count of False Identification to Law Enforcement Officer BROWN, PATRICK Terrell Criminal MJ-12106-0000276-2017 August 1, 2017 Lower Paxton Township Police Department
Brock, Heather M - Theft Brock, Heather M Criminal 20150728M6102 August 1, 2017
REDDING, THOMAS NATHAN - Manufacture and 2 additional charges REDDING, THOMAS NATHAN Bench CR-225-17 July 31, 2017