About Us

Your support of CRIMEWATCH means helping to protect families by making our communities safer.

CRIMEWATCH empowers individuals, families and organizations to keep their communities safe; uniting the efforts of law enforcement, children’s advocacy groups, concerned citizens and the business community.

Detailed listings of offender information are relevant and purposeful for building public awareness, delivered in a format that resonates with every audience and impacts individuals on a local level. The approach balances personal accountability and public safety.

CRIMEWATCH is built upon three areas of concentration:

Education & Awareness

To create a focus on human services and public safety related issues in order to promote advancements in our sociologicalapproach to crime, criminals and the criminal justice system.

Technology & Innovation

To revolutionize crime fighting and personal accountability by removing barriers to information sharing between government,business, media and the communities that they serve.

Intervention & Outreach

To support organizations and initiatives that seek to change the status quo by advocating for change through action that has a measureable impact in our communities.

Our goals and ambitions are forward leaning and within reach. As a result of a collective raised awareness, offenders will be held accountable and risk-posing perpetrators will be taken off of the streets. Through education, communication and pro-activity we seek to protect children and the communities in which they reside.