November 18th, 2011: New Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers website developed

By Pittsburgh The Tribune-Review
Friday, Nov. 18, 2011

Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers and state police have started a website that gives people who use social networks and mobile devices an easier, more effective way to help authorities find those wanted for crimes.

The website was developed in partnership with Crime Watch Pennsylvania and is part of the Crime Watch Network, the governor's office announced on Thursday. The network has new technology developed specifically for law enforcement agencies in the state that allows for the easy organization and dissemination of fugitive and offender profiles.

"With the new Crime Stoppers portal, we can post cases once on the site, and they will automatically be pushed out to our subscribers, as well as being posted on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter," said Kria Lemmons, PA Crime Stoppers coordinator. "This will expand the reach of the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers program tremendously, helping to yield better results."

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