July 8th, 2013: Dauphin County police, prosecutors launch interactive crime information site

(Harrisburg) -- Dauphin County prosecutors and police are using a new Web site to get the word out about crimes and investigations.

At its launch, the Dauphin County Criminal Justice Portal draws information from nine departments.

It allows users to share information on social media, submit right-to-know requests and even send in anonymous tips.

Swatara Township Police Chief Jason Umberger says his department has already received two tips that have led to arrests.

“I can tell you from experience, it’s right away. It comes to designated people in my command staff.... Right to our smartphones. The tips are coming, and I’ve seen them,” Umberger explains.

Penbrook Borough Police Chief David Hiester says the site will provide information on crimes that might not make headlines.

“It’s not realistic for our established regional media to be able to cover every nuance of every community and what’s going on there. This gives me an opportunity to share information with the community and things that I believe are important for them to know just in the every day course of life,” Hiester says.

He adds Penbrook police have made one arrest from information that came through the site.

Dauphin County spent $46,000 in gaming money developing the portal with Mechanicsburg-based CRIMEWATCH Technologies, Incorporated.

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