Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept Purge Amount
Boughter, Michelle Renee - Theft Boughter, Michelle Renee Criminal MJ-12201-CR-0000924-2013 September 17, 2013 Swatara Twp. Police
Johnson, Evelyn Shanae - Unauthorized Use of Automobiles and Other Vehicles Johnson, Evelyn Shanae Criminal MJ-12202-CR-0000343-2013 September 3, 2013 Steelton Borough Police Department
DeJesus, Madelin - (1) count of Bad Checks DeJesus, Madelin NT-323-2013 September 3, 2013 NEPD $50
Norton, Timothy G. Jr. - False ID to Law Enforcement Norton, Timothy G. Jr. Bench 3080-CR-2012 September 3, 2013 Dauphin County Sheriff's Office
Foster, Diane Jean - 4906(A)False Report and 1 additional charge Foster, Diane Jean Bench MJ-38112-CR-0000387-2013 August 29, 2013 Lower Pottsgrove Police Department
Donald, Nathaniel R. - Dui and 1 additional charge Donald, Nathaniel R. Bench August 28, 2013 Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department
EMBERGER, ERIC R - 780-113(A)(16) Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg and 1 additional charge EMBERGER, ERIC R Criminal August 15, 2013 Bristol Township Police
Jordan, Michael Dushawn - Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Jordan, Michael Dushawn Criminal MJ-12202-CR-0000285-2013 August 14, 2013 Swatara Township Police Department
DeJesus, Madelin - (1) count Harassment DeJesus, Madelin NT-297-2013 August 12, 2013 NEPD $50
DeLuca, Christine Elizabeth - (1) count Driving Under Influence of Alcohol (M) and 1 additional charge DeLuca, Christine Elizabeth Bench MJ-15203-CR-0000182-2013 August 10, 2013 Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department
Walbey, Charles - Possession of Marijuana Walbey, Charles Bench MJ-12201-CR-0000603-2013 July 31, 2013 Swatara Police Department
Dunlap, James Jr. - Receiving Stolen Property and 3 additional charges Dunlap, James Jr. Criminal July 30, 2013
Applegate, Sean Robert - Possession Of Controlled Substance Applegate, Sean Robert Bench MJ-12201-CR-0000417-2013 July 29, 2013 Swatara Police Department
Intrieri, Hezahkiah - Simple Assault and 1 additional charge Intrieri, Hezahkiah Criminal MJ-12202-CR-0000294-2013 July 26, 2013 Steelton Borough Police Department
Williams, Wayne Darnell - Failure To Appear Williams, Wayne Darnell Bench CP-22-CR-0005598-2012 July 18, 2013
Cosme-Cruz, Enricky - Robbery Cosme-Cruz, Enricky Bench MJ-12202-CR-0000273-2013 July 16, 2013 Steelton Borough Police Department
Gray, Daquan Anrii - Criminal Attempt Homicide Gray, Daquan Anrii Criminal July 16, 2013
Trivedi, Hemal - Theft of Services Trivedi, Hemal Criminal 19309-AW-0000128-2013 July 15, 2013 Fairview Township Police Department
Baez, Manuel - DUI and related traffic offenses Baez, Manuel Bench MJ-15404-CR-0000013-2013 June 4, 2013 SCCRPD
Jasso-Martinez, Rodrigo - DUI and related traffic offenses Jasso-Martinez, Rodrigo Criminal MJ-15404-CR-0000202-2011 June 4, 2013 SCCRPD