Titlesort descending Offender Type Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept
Blanco, Maria Angela - 1 count Forgery and 1 additional charge Blanco, Maria Angela Criminal CR-0000276-08 May 20, 2008 Chambersburg Police Department
Blanco, Pedro Adan - Rape and Sexual Assault Blanco, Pedro Adan Criminal November 2, 2015
Blazowich, George Nathan - Theft by Unlawful Taking--Movable Property Blazowich, George Nathan Bench MJ-10101-CR-0000152-2019 May 23, 2019 Jeannette Police Dept.
Blessing, Daulton Lee - Retail Theft and 2 additional charges Blessing, Daulton Lee September 27, 2018 Ephrata Police Department
Blevins, Amanda - (1) Criminal Trespass Blevins, Amanda Criminal MJ-15304-CR-000277-2018 August 7, 2018 Kennett Township Police Department
BLEYER, RICHARD LEE - False Reports and 3 additional charges BLEYER, RICHARD LEE Criminal MJ-12201-CR-00001177-2016 November 7, 2016 Swatara Township Police Department
Blidi, Ekki - Retail Theft and 1 additional charge Blidi, Ekki Criminal MJ-07108-CR-0000191-2010 June 17, 2010 Middletown Township Police Department
BLOUNT, JEFFREY OLIVER - (35) 780-113 (a)(31) Possession of Marijuana and 1 additional charge BLOUNT, JEFFREY OLIVER Criminal January 30, 2019 Bristol Township Police
Blue, Khadir Shareef - CRIMINAL HOMICIDE Blue, Khadir Shareef Criminal January 18, 2017
Blunt, Donald - (1) Count of Theft by Unlawful Taking and 2 additional charges Blunt, Donald Criminal MJ-02101-CR-0000079-2017 February 17, 2017 Lancaster City Bureau of Police
Boatner, Heather N. - (18) 5505 Public Drunkenness and 1 additional charge Boatner, Heather N. Bench MJ-05218-CR-0000057-2019 June 12, 2019 Brentwood Police Dept.
Bobbitt, Arthur II - Receiving Stolen Property and 3 additional charges Bobbitt, Arthur II Criminal MJ-12202-CR-0000109-2013 March 12, 2013 Steelton Borough Police Department
Bogert, Felicia Marie - APPREHENDED! Bogert, Felicia Marie Criminal CR256-2018 September 5, 2018 North Coventry Township
Bonacci, Brian - PACC 2702 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT- CAPTURED Bonacci, Brian MJ-05217-CR-0000215-2017 June 16, 2017 WARRANT SERVED by CSPD June 2017
Bond, Randy P - (1) count Access Device Fraud (F3) and 2 additional charges Bond, Randy P Criminal MJ-03204-CR-0000302-2018 November 26, 2018 Lower Saucon Township Police Department
Bond, Randy P - (1) count Possession of a Controlled Substance (M) Bond, Randy P Criminal MJ-03204-CR-0000320-2018 January 8, 2019 Lower Saucon Township Police Department
Bond, Thomas J III - (1 ) count Simple Assault (M2) and 1 additional charge Bond, Thomas J III Criminal 20181218M3550 January 14, 2019 Berwick Boro Police Department
Bones, Miguel Angel - Unlawful Contact with a Minor and 2 additional charges Bones, Miguel Angel Criminal MJ-12201-CR-0000906-2018 August 24, 2018 Lower Swatara Township Police Department
Bonilla-Damian, Bernabe - (18) 3921(A)Theft By Unlawful Taking-Movable Property and 3 additional charges Bonilla-Damian, Bernabe Criminal MJ-15304-CR-0000384-2014 December 17, 2014 Kennett Square Police Department
BONNETT, DEVON MIGUEL - Contempt Of Court BONNETT, DEVON MIGUEL Bench MD-2169-18 January 11, 2019