Title Offender Typesort descending Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept Purge Amount
Davis, Christopher James - Bad Checks Davis, Christopher James Criminal MJ-12101-CR-0000318-2019 May 22, 2019 Susquehanna Township Police
Harouna Djibo, Abdoul Nasser - (18)3802(A)(1) DUI Gen Imp Inc of Driving Safely and 1 additional charge Harouna Djibo, Abdoul Nasser Criminal CR-408-18 September 5, 2018 Lower Allen Township Police Dept
LOVETTE, MIKA SHANE - (3733 A&B) Fleeing & Eluding Police (F3) 3 counts and 1 additional charge LOVETTE, MIKA SHANE Criminal July 26, 2017 Bristol Township Police
Warrant Lyons, Willie Conrad Criminal CP-22-CR-0000356-2015 July 27, 2017
Ramirez Aguilar, Lindolfo - Robbery and 1 additional charge Ramirez Aguilar, Lindolfo Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000404-2012 July 16, 2012 Chambersburg Police Department
Deleon, Edmundo - Burglary F2 and 4 additional charges Deleon, Edmundo Criminal MJ-07102-CR-0000193-2018 December 6, 2018 Bristol Boro Police Department
Harris, Scott - 1 count Forgery and 2 additional charges Harris, Scott Criminal MJ-07302-CR0000388-2016 September 7, 2016 Warrington Township Police
Christian, Scott Allen - (1) Count Felony Retail Theft Christian, Scott Allen Criminal June 6, 2018 Manheim Township Police Department
MACK, IMARI RENEA - (18)3802(B)DUI High Rte of Alc 1st offense and 1 additional charge MACK, IMARI RENEA Criminal May 9, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
Torres, Michelle - 4101(a)(2) Forgery F2 and 3 additional charges Torres, Michelle Criminal MJ-07302-CR-0000028-2018 January 22, 2018 Warrington Township Police Dept $1,160
Allen, Paul Lyname - (18) 3929 (a)(1) Retail Theft Allen, Paul Lyname Criminal CR-406-19 August 2, 2019 Lower Allen Township Police Dept
Dennis, Thomas Jonathan - (1) Count Theft By Unlawful Taking (F); Receiving Stolen Property and Persons not to Possess... Dennis, Thomas Jonathan Criminal February 22, 2018 Richland Township Police Department
SMITH, BRADLEY JOSEPH - (18) 3921 (A) Theft by Unlawful Taking-Movable Property and 1 additional charge SMITH, BRADLEY JOSEPH Criminal July 10, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
Warrant MCALPINE, CARLA JACKIA Criminal MJ-12201-NT-0000136-2017 February 23, 2018 SWATARA TOWNSHIP POLICE
FLOHR, CHRISTOPHER RYAN - (35) 780-113 (a)(32) Use/Poss of Drug Paraphernalia and 1 additional charge FLOHR, CHRISTOPHER RYAN Criminal February 15, 2019 Bristol Township Police
Bosley, Vaughn - Unsworn Falsification to Authorities Bosley, Vaughn Criminal MJ-02306-CR-0000132-2013 New Holland Police
Malik, Shaheen - Manufacture Delivery of a Controlled Substance and 3 additional charges Malik, Shaheen Criminal MJ-07101-CR-0000564-2017 August 8, 2017 Bensalem Township Police Department
Gracia, Terence Andrew - (18) 4101 A1 Forgery (F2) (1 ct) Gracia, Terence Andrew Criminal MJ-12303-CR-375-2019 October 3, 2019 Lower Paxton Township Police Department
Al Jadid, Salim Sulayim - (1) Count of Theft by Deception; (1) Count of Deceptive Business Practices Al Jadid, Salim Sulayim Criminal MJ-12303-CR-0000469-2009 December 23, 2009 Lower Paxton Township Police Department