Title Offender Typesort descending Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept
Martinez Menjivar, Edgar Yohan - Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substances Martinez Menjivar, Edgar Yohan Criminal MJ-07108-CR-0000233-2010 July 29, 2010 Middletown Township Police Department
Gombert, Heather - (4 counts) Forgery (F2) and 1 additional charge Gombert, Heather Criminal MJ-02206-cr-0000113-2019 May 10, 2019 Manor Township PD
Johnson, Clarence Alvin - (2) Counts of Retail Theft (M-1) Johnson, Clarence Alvin Criminal MJ-12303-CR-075-2020 March 6, 2020 Lower Paxton Township Police Department
Cabreja, Jose Daniel - (75) 3802 (a)(1) DUI and 4 additional charges Cabreja, Jose Daniel Criminal MJ-15304-CR-0000273-2017 December 11, 2017 Kennett Square Police Department
WOLF, WILLIAM WINFIELD - (18) 2701 (a)(1) Simple Assault and 1 additional charge WOLF, WILLIAM WINFIELD Criminal November 6, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
Maldonado, Shada Nacole Criminal MJ-12201-CR-0001024-2013 October 2, 2013 Swatara Township PD
Yang, Fan - Identity Theft and 2 additional charges Yang, Fan Criminal MJ-15301-CR-0000019-2018 January 19, 2018 North Coventry Township PD
ALLISON, JOSEPH - (1) count Possession with Intent to Deliver ALLISON, JOSEPH Criminal CR-766-04 March 9, 2005
Piechota, Doreen - Bad Checks and related offenses Piechota, Doreen Criminal MJ-15307-CR-0000041-2020 February 13, 2020 Parkesburg Borough PD
Lebron-Orwig, Jared Michael - Burglary (F1); Theft (M2); Receiving Stolen Property(M2) Lebron-Orwig, Jared Michael Criminal MJ-19205-CR-0000420-2017 October 17, 2017 Spring Garden Township Police
Phillips, Allan Sylvester Jr. - (35) 780-113 (a)(31) Possession of Marijuana and 1 additional charge Phillips, Allan Sylvester Jr. Criminal CR-477-18 November 14, 2018 Lower Allen Township Police Dept
Dumitro, Florea - Local Ordinance Dumitro, Florea Criminal NT-0000001-2019 May 3, 2018 West Whiteland Twp. P.D.
Black, Jonathan - Attempted Criminal Homicide W/ Gun and 9 additional charges Black, Jonathan Criminal MJ-07102-CR-0000088-2018 June 12, 2018 Bristol Borough Police Department
WILSON, MABEL - (2) 6301A1 Corruption of Minors and 2 additional charges WILSON, MABEL Criminal July 25, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
HENDERSON, DRESHAN TROY - (1) (M) Possession of Marijuana HENDERSON, DRESHAN TROY Criminal CP-22-CR-002991-2016 July 20, 2017
SOWERS, KRISTOPHER KLYNE - (35)780-113(A)(16)Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg and 1 additional charge SOWERS, KRISTOPHER KLYNE Criminal April 8, 2015 Bristol Township Police
Wolford, Kenneth Eugene Jr. - DUI Controlled Substance Wolford, Kenneth Eugene Jr. Criminal June 18, 2015
Ford, Shakeyla Shameal - Burglary and 2 additional charges Ford, Shakeyla Shameal Criminal MJ-02201-CR-0000481-2016 December 19, 2016 Lancaster City Bureau of Police
CHICOSKI, STEPHEN - (18) 3922 (A1) Theft by Deception and 1 additional charge CHICOSKI, STEPHEN Criminal May 31, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
Carr, Christian - (1) Count Manufacture Delivery or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver and 2 additional charges Carr, Christian Criminal January 10, 2018