Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort descending Holding Dept
Escoto, Ronald De La Cruz - Access Device Fraud Escoto, Ronald De La Cruz Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Corley, Wade H. - (1) Count Felony Megan's Law Violation - Failure to Comply With Registration Corley, Wade H. Criminal
Maldonado, Joseph - Failure To Appear Maldonado, Joseph Bench Dauphin County Sheriff's Office
Bosley, Vaughn - Unsworn Falsification to Authorities Bosley, Vaughn Criminal MJ-02306-CR-0000132-2013 New Holland Police
Markel, Thomas L. Sr. - (1 count) Possession of Controlled Substance (M) Markel, Thomas L. Sr. Criminal
Young, Maurice - possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and 2 additional charges Young, Maurice
Wilkerson, Lotario Sr. - Dui Wilkerson, Lotario Sr. Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Neilson, Gary - Violation of Probation/Parole Neilson, Gary Bench CP-22-CR-0005132-2016
Reeves, Kofi Ayinde - Strangulation and 3 additional charges Reeves, Kofi Ayinde
Pruitt, Kahryhlez - Terroristic Threats and 1 additional charge Pruitt, Kahryhlez
Jenkins, Nathan Daniel - Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Officer and 7 additional charges Jenkins, Nathan Daniel
Meisenbach, Joshua Aaron - Retail Theft Meisenbach, Joshua Aaron Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Fains, Shawn Michael - Burglary Fains, Shawn Michael
Quinones Chambers, Danny - One count of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death and 1 additional charge Quinones Chambers, Danny Criminal Susquehanna Township Police Department
Brubaker, Ralph - Contempt for Violation of Order (PFA) Brubaker, Ralph
Mundy, Stephen - Simple Assault - Act 10 Domestic Violence Mundy, Stephen
GONZALEZ NUNEZ, GREIVIN - (75) 3802 (c) DUI Highest Rate and 1 additional charge GONZALEZ NUNEZ, GREIVIN Criminal February 23, 1956
RIAS, WALTER MIKE Jr. - Contempt Of Court RIAS, WALTER MIKE Jr. Bench CC-483-86 September 23, 1987
Obas, Stanley - Homicide and 1 additional charge Obas, Stanley Criminal August 22, 1996 Northampton County and FBI
Malak, Robert Steven - Attempted Homicide Malak, Robert Steven Criminal November 24, 1996