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GHAFFAAR was arrested for the above charges after a burglary investigation revealed he had entered a home and unlawfully removed personal property from the victims a few days prior to his arrest. GHAFFAAR was identified as a suspect while the Carlisle Police were assisting the North Middleton Twp...
LERCH was caught stealing merchandise from Ross Distribution. LERCH was taken to Cumberland County Prison (CCP) for processing. LERCH was on work release from CCP and assigned to Ross Distribution. LERCH was charged with 1 ct of theft by unlawful taking, which will be filed with MDJ Brewbaker. The...
Shippensburg Police are loooking for a set of keys that may have been lost in Shippensburg. The owner said there is to be a Buick car key and fob along with a house key. Anyone wiyth information is asked to call Shippensburg Police Department.
On 6/11/15 George Patrina was arrested on an active warrant.
On 6/7/15 at 0200 hours, Steelton Police were called to a residence for a report of an assault. Based on police investigation both Thomas Michael and Suzanne Michael were charged with summary Harassment.