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Shawn Patrick Garvey was cited for public drunkenness in the first block of North Decatur Street on Friday evening 6/5/2015
Shawn Patrick Garvey was cited for Public Drunkenness in the first block of N. Decatur St. on Friday evening 6/5/2015.

Incident Type:

Unknown individual(s) removed a 4 ft. chain connected to a metal ball from a metal gate. The ball was used as a counter weight to close the metal gate. The chain and ball was removed between 6 P.M. on 06/06/15 and 1030 A. M. on 06/07/2105. It is beleived entry to the gate was by way of McCreary...

Incident Type:

A debit card belonging to ALEXANDER, DYLAN was found on top of a parking meter. Anyone whom has knowledge of DYLAN , ALEXANDER is requested to have him contact the Shippensburg Police Department.