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On 1/4/17, Danielle Goad was an employee at Walmart and failed to ring up all of her friend's purchases.
On 11/14/16, Carmen Olmeda had stolen items from the Dollar General Store.
On 12/26/16, Brandon Gerber was involved in a motor vehicle accident and it was determined that he was driving while under the influence.
ACCIDENTS: Library Rd 3600BL- 2 Vehicles, no injuries 12-30-16 1824 Shady Run Ave- Vehicle drove through yard and fled 01-01-17 0750 Mt Lebanon Blvd- 2 Vehicles, no injuries 01-02-17 1721 Library Rd 3100BL- 2 Vehicles, no injuries, 1 tow 01-03-17 0735 Library Rd 3900BL- 2 Vehicles, no injuries 01-...
A black clutch type wallet was believed to have been lost in or around the area of 830 Fifth Ave. on 12/28/2016. The wallet is described as being black in color with metal trim around the outside of the wallet. Anyone with information may contact the Chambersburg Police Dept. or leave a tip on...

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